Source Foods

2015-06-02 22.40.31

Egg’s office in Northbridge is just around the corner from Source Foods so she often pops in for a coffee or lunch. She loves the fresh, sustainable produce used and urged me to have lunch with her and check it out for myself.

2015-06-02 22.43.38

Source offers a range of salads, wraps, burgers and all day breakfast food. Two blackboards list the regular items and daily specials. They also makes smoothies and fresh juices, and serve a range of loose leaf teas.

2015-06-02 22.42.29

Egg went for a Haloumi, herbed couscous, roasted sweet potato, pomegranate, walnuts and harissa yoghurt at $17. The colours were beautiful and the flavours fresh. After a taste test, I wished I had chosen this.

2015-06-02 22.48.36

My smoked salmon, cream cheese and salad bagel was also fresh and it hit the spot, but I really should have chosen the salad. Ah, food envy….

2015-06-02 22.47.38

The coffee is made from single origin beans, and sourced from small local roasters.

2015-06-02 22.46.05

Source’s prices may be a bit higher than your typical lunch cafe, but the cafe’s ethos and commitment to sourcing sustainable and local produce, means that your food miles are low and you are dining ethically.  The beef, chicken, eggs and tempeh used are either organic, free range or biodynamic, and the bread used in the sandwiches is organic. It’s sadly not always possible to dine with a conscience, but Source Foods is doing its darndest to give us that opportunity. The staff are passionate about what they are serving up, and are happy to be there.  You’d be hard pressed to not love this place.

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The Raw Kitchen

2015-02-24 15.13.22

The Raw Kitchen’s unassuming entrance on High St in Freo belies its massive industrial,  exposed brick interior. On a Saturday morning the place was buzzing with families, couples, and groups of friends, and the tables filled up rapidly.

As a newbie to raw food, I asked for some guidance in choosing a dish that wasn’t going to be too way out there. The friendly waitress suggested live pizza and I’m glad she did.

With a buckwheat base and topped with fresh tomato, basil, avocado and dotted with cashew macadamia cheese, my pizza slice was dee-licious. Crunchy, creamy and surprisingly filling, this pizza may be nothing like the cooked versions, but it was damned good. The fresh, raw flavours were zinging about in my mouth. Who knew raw food tasted this amazing?

2015-02-24 15.12.46

I thought I’d go the whole hog (pardon the pun) and order a latte made from almond milk. Rookie mistake. I couldn’t get past the strange texture of the almond milk, and could only manage a few furry mouthfuls. Perhaps some things aren’t meant to be experimented with.

I bought a raw chocolate slice to take home. Second rookie mistake. In the mad February heat the slice in its paper bag melted like the wax on Icarus’s wings, and the inside of my handbag acquired a permanent greasy, coconuty sheen and smell.

Tip: to avoid a liquid slice, eat in store or wait for the cooler weather to take one home.

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The Bodhi Tree Cafe

2015-02-21 17.21.07

This quiet book cafe on the corner of Scarborough Beach Road and Oxford Street appeals to me as weekend brunch destination as it’s never as bustling as many of the trendy breakfast spots around town. There’s no queuing, no table cramming, and no cacophonous noises bouncing around the walls.  As a shop selling homewares, gifts and books, the Bodhi Tree Cafe is an oasis where you can relax and read or chat, knowing the people at the next table won’t be able to hear every breath you take.  My friend AJ and I met for brunch on Saturday morning and whiled away a pleasant few hours of chatting, eating and browsing.

2015-02-21 17.26.27

The breakfast choices range from the usual bircher muesli to toasties to a few more innovative choices like corn and potato rosti, and Moroccan beans.  Not an egg in sight.
2015-02-21 17.18.53

The rosti caught my attention with its topping of chopped tomato, crumbled feta and fresh herbs, and it proved a good choice, though it wasn’t rosti in the traditional sense. It was more a pancake with potato and corn, but that’s just me being pedantic about rosti again. The crumbled feta and fresh herbs added some zing to this dish, and it was light enough to leave room for a little something else later on.

2015-02-21 17.25.31

AJ enjoyed her choice of the Swiss cheese toastie with ham, and a cup of citrus mint tea.
2015-02-21 17.24.53

A range of interesting teas, infusers and colourful cups are also for sale in the cafe.
2015-02-21 17.27.12

This is the scrumptious Portugese egg tart that accompanied my long macchiato. The pastry was crispy thin, and the filling sweet, eggy and smooth. One of the best I’ve tried.
2015-02-21 17.23.11

The coffee is Fair Trade.
2015-02-21 17.23.53

A pleasant spot for breakfast or light lunch, the Bodhi Tree Cafe is not what you’d classify as trendy, hip or funky, but the service is quick and friendly, and the Portugese egg tarts are worth the trip.

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