Layup, Northbridge


On the site of what was once the Dizzy Witch Cafe, the new owners have transformed a tired old space into an light, industrial, modern cafe with a pleasing menu. When I met Egg and her son there shortly after Easter, there were only a few tables occupied and we wondered why. Our food dispelled any doubts we may have had, and the coffees were superb too.

The display cabinet and pie warmer were bereft of any offerings that looked appealing. This was a bit disappointing as the butter chicken pie on the menu sounded like just the ticket, and I could see the potential there in the slightly dry version left over from yesterday. Well it was early and they hadn’t had a chance to cook fresh ones and re-stock, so I reassured myself that the pie would keep for my next visit.

The brioche doughnut balls with salted caramel, pistachios, chantilly cream and sauce sounded amazing, but I wasn’t in the mood for sweets so went for an old fave, scrambled eggs on toast. This was a huge serving of eggs, soft and somewhat sloppy as you can see in the photo. As someone who’s not keen on runny eggs, I was a bit trepidatious about my breakfast, but the eggs continued to cook through in their own heat, and they were delicious with their smattering of chopped chives and sprinkling of cracked pepper.

Egg went for a simple plate of poached eggs on sourdough toast, and was rewarded with eggs that were soft and runny as she preferred them.

Fortunately Egg’s son saved the day by ordering the brioche doughnut balls which I managed to sample. When you blog about food, you really do need accommodating friends who are happy to give up part of their meals for your benefit 🙂  Anyhoo, the flavour combo of the doughnuts and the sweet sauce, citrus, luscious cream and crunchy nuts, was a good one, though I do think this would be a rich dish to eat on your own at 7.30am!

Layup boasts a range of toasties, wraps and burgers with some non-traditional fillings, as well as their tempting house-made pies and sausage rolls. It’s easy to see why it has become one of Perth’s new favourite breakfast spots in recent months, and it’s roomier and  easier to get into than Sayers Sister just around the corner which is always freakishly busy.


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