Potato Head, Seminyak

My visions of a large spud with blue shoes and a moustache were dispelled immediately on arriving at Potato Head. “That’s Mr Potato Head you were thinking of” my friend TJ said, “and they’re not quite the same”. Indeed they’re not. The beach-front restaurant at Seminyak is a sophisticated, chilled venue with brilliant service, good food, and views people pay a fortune for. The restaurant  forms a sort of semicircle,and you can choose to sit on the left or the right, depending on whether you want to order from an Asian-themed menu or a Western one. We arrived without a booking and the congenial and efficient staff managed to find us a fabulous spot on a long table looking directly out at the ocean. As we sat down at twilight time we were already impressed, and we hadn’t even looked at a menu. The best was yet to come.

We loved the idea of choosing four starters for the price of AUD$20, and the range of starter options looked so appealing we had problems deciding on just four.


We decided on roast duck red curry, fried tofu sambal curry, fish carpaccio and golden prawn balls, served with a bowl of rice. All of the dishes were good, although the fish carpaccio was sliced so finely that we could barely taste it. This was a fabulous way to sample a range of dishes without spending a fortune.


The one area that disappointed us was with the cocktails. We ordered long island iced teas, but they were insipid and watery and didn’t deliver the knockout punch you expect from this drink. For our second round we ordered the Prohibition Iced Tea  for two from the Indo Classic cocktail menu, and the presentation of this in a teapot with mist swirling out of it, was a fun concept. This was more robust with better flavours than our first version but didn’t quite hit the mark, though we definitely felt a bit of a buzz.

As the light faded and people continued to cavort in the swimming pool (attached to the Potato Head Hotel), in front of us, we ordered a main dish of pan fried potato gnocchi which was lip smackingly good. With pureed roasted pumpkin, candied pine nuts, black pepper parmesan and sage butter, all of the elements of this dish complemented each other, and it was one of the best gnocchi dishes we’ve tried.


Finally we chose two desserts to share: cassava fritters with ice cream, and a deconstructed pannacotta with mango sorbet and passionfruit. We loved the crispy caramelised batter of the cassava fritters, and the fruity flavours contrasting with the creamy texture of the pannacotta.

TJ and I loved our Potato Head experience and enjoyed several contented, relaxed hours there. It’s a complete experience, and if you’re lucky enough to be there for a sunset, so much the better. The ambience, the venue, the food, the staff – kudos to all of them. Our drinks may have missed the mark, but we wouldn’t have missed the experience for the world.


Potato Head Beach Club Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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