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2016-02-07 14.04.28

Because of its handy location opposite Hyde Park, Chu Bakery usually has a slew of hungry lunchers squeezed inside its tiny shop front, picking up a few treats to picnic with. There is no space to eat in, but why would you want to anyway with lovely parkland across the road?

It took me a long time to visit Chu but when I did, it opened the flood gates. Needless to say, I’ve been back several times to try different goodies, and this post is an accumulation of those. You don’t think I ate all of these at one time do you? Naturally my son Alex has also aided and abetted me in my quest to sample as many of Chu’s products as possible.

The choux puffs are delectable. The fillings are creamy and the puffs are more substantial than the usual pedestrian choux puffs. Meaning they have more taste and texture. We’ve tried the peanut butter and jelly version, but the sweet and fragrant lychee and raspberry puff was the standout.

The eclairs at Chu are on a different level to most others I’ve tried (with only bites by D being comparable). Whilst the chocolate filling was scrumptious, the hazelnut filling was sublime.   The vanilla cream doughnut was a winner in Alex’s eyes, though I thought the actual doughnut could have been sweeter. Kudos to Chu for using real vanilla beans in the patisserie filling.

My favourite though, was the almond croissant. Now I am a devoted seeker-outer of almond croissants and have not found one locally to match the ones I devoured daily in the bakeries in France. Chu’s version was an absolute winner. The pastry was crisp and meltingly buttery, and the almond filling moist and delicious. Wow. A 10 out of 10 for this one.

Chu also does baguettes and toasties which run out the door at lunchtime. Alex enjoyed the yummy thick sourdough slices in his ham and cheese toasty, though I’ve not yet sampled them. The one thing that disappointed me at Chu was the coffee. My long mac topped up came in a cup the size of a mini paper cup at a water dispenser, and was only 3/4 full.  I’d asked for a large one and for $4.50 I felt ripped off. I know some places serve small macs but this was ridiculously Lilliputian.

That gripe aside, the sweet things on offer at Chu are compensatory. If you’re passing by William St in Highgate, pop in and grab a few bites for morning tea. Oh, and they bake a pretty mean loaf of bread too 🙂

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