The Merrywell

The Merrywell was our chosen venue for a quick and easy pre-show meal at the Crown complex in Burswood. It offers typical pub fare, with homage to some classic American foods. Burgers and comfort foods are typically what the Merrywell is about, and AB and his girlfriend Amy opted for two such dishes.

AB’s Philly style steak sandwich was such a huge mouthful of food that he had to resort to a knife and fork to eat it with. The bun was soft and fell to pieces with the weight of all the fillings. Nevertheless he enjoyed the thinly-sliced wagyu rump, onions,  mushrooms, cheese and balsamic dressing. A satisfying manly dish, accompanied by a basket of thin fries.

Amy’s Donut Doubler burger was a meal of huge proportions that she struggled to finish. With double beef, crispy bacon and aged cheddar between a glazed donut (their spelling), she said it was a bit too rich for her taste. There’s nothing done by halves at the Merrywell – lots of carbs, cheeses, truffle flavours and oils.

My choice of the pink snapper tacos consisted of cumin-flavoured snapper pieces on a bed of pureed sweet potato in soft tacos.  This light and tasty dish was complemented by crunchy pickled red cabbage. I thought these little things might need a bit of help, so I ordered a side of fries rendered in duck fat with truffle salt. Looks like a whole lot of fried stuff going in those photos, right?  The side of fries was a huge plate that wasn’t worth the hefty price of $15.  To add insult to injury they failed to deliver any discernible improvement in taste.  It didn’t help that I prefer chunky style fries instead of the string versions served. Having eaten delectable roast potatoes cooked in duck fat, I was expecting something more. Well, it is pub grub after all, and perhaps I was a bit optimistic.

You choose your table, go up to the booth to order your food, and you’re served within a reasonable time. You buy your drinks separately at the bar.  If you arrive early enough in the evening, it’s a  pleasant enough eating environment but as the night wears on, the music is pumped up and it becomes crowded and noisy. The Merrywell is not fancy, but it fills the niche at Crown for those who want a reasonably decent meal before a show, without spending a fortune.

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