Koko Black, Claremont

2015-11-28 06.45.37

Two things to love about Claremont = Brooklyn’s Friday night oyster night, followed by Koko Black for post-oyster dessert and coffee. What better combo could you find within a few minutes walk of each other?

Claremont’s KB is a notch above the CBD outlet in my book. Aesthetically more pleasing and more relaxed, it’s also easier to access. For a Friday night sweet treat, it’s my Nirvana.

We ordered some cakes to share – and realised after demolishing two that we’d been too greedy and couldn’t possibly eat the third one. We asked the wait staff if we could “return” the third – untouched of course. Sometimes those old eyes are just bigger than the old belly, and just maybe a couple of dozen oysters and a few glasses of prosecco earlier had a role to play.

Our tiered mousse cake was delicious, but the chocolate bread with butter wasn’t worth the effort. Seriously, if you’re going to a chocolate specialty shop, why the heck would you waste your time with chocolate bread? Rookie mistake; won’t happen again 🙂

Naturally we shopped for gourmet chocolates to take home, and they were as good as they look in the photos. Yum. Whoever said that chocolate can’t make the world go around, obviously never developed any taste buds. I truly hope that Koko Black manages to stay afloat despite their epic financial woes, as where else will we go to slurp decadent hot chocolate and indulge in a range of amazing chocolate treats?  All the more reason to GO NOW. AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE.

Koko Black Claremont Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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