Betty and Dave’s

2016-01-12 21.03.00

I was keen to try this new spot in Inglewood, having watch it transition over many months from its tired antique shop incarnation to a light, bright cafe.

There is an outdoor terrace area – though very hot in the afternoon – and a few separate zones inside, starting with the main counter area at the front, complete with stools, fluro pink coffee machine and a takeaway coffee window. The last zone inside near the kitchen has a large table and would be suitable for a group. I loved the collection of ceramic ducks on the wall in the middle zone – I’ve never seen this many flying ducks (on a wall) before!

I ordered the Summer Beans dish comprising poached eggs with peas, beans, mint, sugar snap peas and sprouts, on sour dough toast with goats cheese. This was a beautiful dish with fresh ingredients and I loved the way the flavours worked together. The dish comes with pancetta but I asked for this to be omitted, and I think the dish works better as a vegetarian dish anyway. I felt they could have been a bit more generous with the goats cheese as this was just a thin spread on the toast, enough to tantalise you but not enough to really satisfy. That aside, I enjoyed the way the dish was put together and loved the mix of flavours.

My long mac was good, strong enough but without any bitterness, and nice and hot. The front counter has a small range of cakes, slices and muffins, as well as some ready made salads and sandwiches. The sandwiches looked good, though they all came with meat fillings. It would be nice to see an option without red meat, as even the chicken version came with bacon. These days a lot of folks prefer either vegetarian or options without red meat, and there were very few choices on the menu.

I bought a brownie to take home and wow, it was amazing. If you love squidgy, moist brownies then these are perfect. With a few pieces of white chocolate nestled inside, the brownie was scrumptious – one of the best I’ve had in fact.

It would be nice to see a few vegetarian and non-red meat options on the menu, and bottles of cold water provided. The water was tepid and so not at all refreshing on a hot day without the air con on.  I’m not vegetarian but I don’t always feel like eating meat. Apart from the salads and a few brunch items, it was a very meaty menu. There’s limited parking outside, so you’ll likely have to park behind the nearby Inglewood Hotel. The service was prompt, the wait staff super friendly, and overall Betty and Dave’s was a positive experience.

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