Sapore Espresso Bar

2015-10-26 15.28.26

AB had long been dreaming of a legendary gourmet milkshake from Sapore, so we squeezed in a visit last week for a late lunch. It was a Monday afternoon and although there were few tables occupied inside, it was surprisingly rowdy. I can only imagine the din when the place is crowded! In any event, it was a perfect sunny 28 degree day and ideal for al fresco dining, so we were happy to sit outside.

We both ordered items from the all-day breakfast menu, and naturally AB went for the sweetest milkshake on offer (after getting advice from the wait staff), while I ordered a fresh juice.

AB’s Nutella milkshake was a sight to behold – rivulets of chocolate and Nutella in a large jar, topped with a generous blob of whipped cream, and finished off with a Baci chocolate. If looks count for anything, this was impressive. And AB was suitably impressed, though it was way too sweet and decadent for me. My freshly squeezed apple, ginger and lemon juice was tickety boo, and I wish more cafes would put in the effort to make them.

2015-10-26 15.31.10

It took me all of 30 seconds to decide on the mushroom bruschetta with goats cheese and fresh herbs. The creamy, mild goats cheese went perfectly with the trio of sautéed mushrooms drizzled with truffle oil and served on soft toasted Turkish bread. One of my pet peeves is breakfast food served with various toasted breads that are so hard to cut through that you need to ask for a steak knife. I really don’t get why so many cafes do this – food needs to be idiot-proof and able to be eaten decorously. Try sawing through a slice of bread as tough as crocodile skin and toasted to death, with bruschetta toppings flying shelter skelter off your plate, and you’ll understand what I mean.

2015-10-26 16.23.49

AB deviated from his usual food types and ordered the truffled scrambled eggs with shaved parmesan. It was a massive serve of creamy, wobbly eggs, sprinkled with fresh parsley and served on sourdough toast. Whilst he enjoyed it, he was envious of my mushroom dish. I don’t blame him – I love eggs, but it’s hard to beat a plate of super fresh mushrooms sautéed in good olive oil, right?

2015-10-26 16.25.03

We’d finished eating and were paid a visit by Sapore’s owner, enquiring about our experience and wanting feedback. We noticed that he did this with every table. I love it when people take their business seriously, and value what their customers have to say. Should be more of it!

Sapore is bit of an anomaly in Belmont as it’s the lone wolf in a forest of fast food outlets and food hall stalls (at the adjacent Belmont Forum). Sapore’s food is fresh and well made, the shakes and juices worth visiting for, and the owner cares about his customers. You can’t ask for more than that, really.

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