The Mallard Duck Cafe

2015-09-13 18.41.48

The Mallard Duck was the setting for a family celebration of 12 people, and proved to be perfect for all ages. I’d dined here years ago before blogging was even a term anyone recognised, and was surprised to hear that it was still alive and thriving. It obviously has something going for it.

2015-09-13 18.29.14

The menu is modern Australian and we all took a while to choose our mains – it’s always a good sign when you can’t decide because the options sound so enticing. A few of our group chose entrees, with the fried camembert being a popular choice. You rarely see this 70s dinner party relic on menus these days, but this version was a hit with its berry coulis and fresh strawberries.

2015-09-13 18.33.47 (1)

My son JB wasn’t that enamoured with his garlic prawns and rice however, and this was the only dish on the table that was a mild disappointment.  He complained about the chalky quality of the prawns; however my main dish of prawns was delightful. Head scratching time – surely they used the same prawns, so I couldn’t figure how the quality could be so different. Maybe it was the cooking process?

2015-09-13 18.34.50 (1)

A few beers and glasses of wine were dotted around our table but I went for something a bit more exotic for a change with the passionfruit mojito. This was fruity and refreshing and good value for $12.

2015-09-13 18.32.28 (1)

I loved my dish of linguine with tiger prawns. The prawns were fresh, succulent and sweet and were perfect in this simple pasta dish served with cherry tomatoes, rocket, olive oil and shaved parmesan. I couldn’t finish but my son SB managed to polish it off, concurring that it was a delicious dish. It’s handy having three strapping sons who are always more than happy to finish anything I leave on my plate 🙂

2015-09-13 18.35.46 (1)

SB chose one of the daily specials, the lamb rack with mashed potato and greens, and savoured every mouthful. I’m not much of a meat eater but I did sample a taste of lamb at his insistence and it was as tender as he claimed. It was cooked perfectly to his liking and was pink and juicy.

2015-09-13 18.39.57 (1)

The lamb kebabs with risoni and rocket salad was another winner on the table, with a few family members choosing this option. The lamb again was tender and juicy, and had been marinated in rosemary and mint. The salad with its roasted pumpkin strips, cherry tomatoes and a basil dressing was a good accompaniment to this very meaty dish.

2015-09-13 18.40.56 (1)

We’d brought our own cake to celebrate the occasion so we didn’t get to sample the desserts on offer. The service was attentive and friendly, and wait times for food were short despite this being a very busy Sunday lunch. The kids loved exploring outside the cafe down by the lake, checking out the fish pond and the geese. All in all a pleasant experience enjoyed by all ages, and yet another reason to visit our remarkable Swan Valley.

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