Low Key Chow House

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Dining at Low Key Chow House in a group means you can opt for the fixed price menu for $55 pp and have food coming at you from every direction. I’m not exaggerating when I say that once the food train started it never let up, and our group of 10 was completely stuffed to the gills with a range of amazing food.

This trendy Leederville bar and restaurant is always busy and the noise levels can be uncomfortable at times, although the crowds tend to thin out as the evening wears on and people move on to the nearby pubs.

2015-09-06 17.36.11

The selection of wine by the glass is quite limited but I was happy enough with a few glasses of the Saint Clair SB. A bowl of spiced peanuts is served once you order drinks. Shortly thereafter the appetisers start their onslaught and before you know it, the table is groaning with food….and that’s just for starters.

Pok Pok wings, an Asian version of buffalo wings, was suitably spicy and disappeared within seconds. Who doesn’t love buffalo wings?

2015-09-06 17.39.06 (1)

Mantou buns, a modern twist on steamed pork buns, were filled with candied caramel pork belly and peanuts. A fluffy white pancake with delicious pork belly; a definite crowd pleaser.

2015-09-06 17.38.25 (1)

The pork dumplings of the day were done gyoza style; crispy pan fried on one side.

2015-09-06 17.37.08 (1)

Vietnamese style beef patties were served with herbs, pickled cucumber and black bean sauce in lettuce. Remember we’re still at appetiser stage here – and I would have been content to quietly sip my wine and call it a night as far as food goes. But one soldiers on….

2015-09-06 17.37.43 (1)

Enter the big guns, accompanied by a plate of various pickles and accompaniments.

2015-09-06 17.39.44 (1)

And a Thai som tum salad.

2015-09-06 17.41.40 (1)

Beef with a black pepper sauce. The menu seems to change quite often, and what will be a beef dish one day will be pork  the next time.

2015-09-06 17.42.53 (1)

Beef rump seared on coals, served with kimchi and hot sauce.

2015-09-06 17.44.15 (1)

Blue spotted emperor – my favourite dish of the evening – beautifully cooked with soft flesh that just melted in your mouth. I haven’t had fish like this since I travelled through Vietnam.

2015-09-06 17.45.44 (1)

Hmmm. I honestly can’t remember what this dish was and I didn’t make note of it. Obviously another dish to make the hearts of carnivores soar! The men in our group were very content, needless to say.

2015-09-06 17.40.37 (1)

Rich Nonya style chicken curry with potatoes, served with roti.

2015-09-06 17.42.20 (1)

Another chicken dish – lemongrass chicken – cooked with coconut and chilli – light and flavourful.

2015-09-06 17.43.40 (1)

At this point we thought we couldn’t possibly stuff another morsel of food in our mouths. Someone had bagged the leftovers of huge amounts of meat, so at least the food wasn’t going to waste. But we had no idea that we’d be served three different desserts. I love desserts and always try to leave room for it, but all I could manage was a few mouthfuls. Sad to say that my friends were pretty much the same. I forgot to photograph one dessert that comprised deep fried ice-cream parcels with caramel sauce.

The sticky date pudding with ice-cream and butterscotch sauce looked tempting and tasted beautiful. I love it when desserts come with rivers of butterscotch sauce.

2015-09-06 17.52.45

The sago pudding with gula melaka was a delightful concoction of smooth balls of sago with the dark richness of palm sugar syrup and the lushness of coconut cream. Simple but delicious, and I’d order this on its own next time.

2015-09-06 17.51.03

Other things I forgot to photograph – rice, roti, wok fried greens and tofu with mixed vegetables. As you can tell it was a huge amount of food and in most cases, there were two plates of each provided, one at each end of the table. I’ve never seen a table so full of food. Too much food actually. Whilst you feel satisfied that you are getting your money’s worth, it does encourage over-eating, and no-one wants to leave a restaurant feeling gorged. Well, I don’t anyway.

I’m not complaining however. It was a night of brilliant Asian cuisine, good cheerful service and bonhomie. If you visit in a group, the set menu is definitely the way to go. The sheer variety of food cooked street style, wok fried or on the coals, is amazing and solves the dilemma of having to choose multiple dishes to please everyone. This really takes the hard work out of group dining. Come with empty stomachs and don’t eat so much of the mains that you miss out on dessert, as they are worth waiting for too.


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