A Fish Called Inglewood

2015-07-04 20.29.10

This family run fish cafe in Inglewood is a fairly casual friendly affair. Sitting at a long table right next to the bustling open kitchen, my friends and I had a birds eye perspective on the goings on, and the takeaways were flying out the door on this Friday night.

The menu changes daily according to produce availability, with a few staples such as fish and chips being a permanent feature. Having eyed off a few plates of fish and chips coming out, I had eyes for nothing else. My cider battered fish, reasonably priced at $25, was a fresh piece of WA snapper served with hand-cut chips and aioli. This generous serve of fish featured a crispy gluten-free batter, and beautifully crunchy chips. It’s the basic things that matter in simple dishes like this: good quality oil, salt and potatoes.

2015-07-04 20.20.18

The Prof opted for the seafood plate for one; at $39 this featured grilled prawns, calamari, scallops, snapper, chips and salad. She couldn’t quite manage to eat everything on her plate so being the considerate friends we are, we helped her polish it off. Sometimes you just have to make sacrifices to help a friend in need 🙂
The Prof was impressed with her plate of seafood – with almost everything grilled, it was a light meal that allowed the freshness and the flavours of the seafood to shine. The calamari I sampled was beautifully tender, and The Prof was satisfied with all of the elements of her dish.

2015-07-04 20.17.39

Whilst three of us were happy customers, our friend Rob suffered from food envy. He’d chosen the $29 Barramundi with candied prosciutto, cauliflower and pesto, and was underwhelmed by his serving size.  “This is hardly a man’s serve” he spluttered when his plate arrived. He promptly ordered a side of chips ($6.50) and a bowl of brussel sprout salad with bacon and maple dressing ($7.50). His meal certainly won the award for best plating of the night, but that didn’t appease him. He did concede that his fish was beautifully cooked, but he was miffed. The Prof and I would have been happy with this serve – quality over quantity – but for some guys the only thing that satisfies them is a massive plate of something…… anything…..as long as it’s big. It may have helped if the wait staff had told him to expect a smallish serve.

2015-07-04 20.16.39

The brussel sprout salad was surprisingly delicious. This is the only veggie from my childhood days that used to make me gag, but then my mother’s treatment of it was hardly kind. Eaten this way in a salad with fresh herbs and a sweet dressing, it was crisp and fresh and nothing like the spongey greyish blobs I remembered.

2015-07-04 20.19.02

The house-made ice creams at this eatery have become legendary. During the summer months of the Beaufort St markets, the restaurant sets up a huge freezer outside and does a roaring trade selling these gourmet treats on sticks.  A restaurant wall now showcases the flavours on offer and as you can see, they are seriously tempting. For those who prefer something warmer on these cold winter nights, there are also Limoncello dumplings – with ice cream of course.


The Prof and I ordered the chocolate with caramel and macadamia ($8), a creamy, delicious, albeit cold finish to our meal.

2015-07-04 20.26.48

A Fish Called Inglewood is the love child of chef Paul Zammit, and is another welcome addition to the small but growing number of quality eateries in Inglewood. Our service was exemplary, with friendly, hospitable staff and short wait times for food. If you love fresh fish and seafood, you will enjoy the reasonably priced food on offer. The menu is small but showcases an eclectic range of quality fish, and you could treat the family to a feed of fish (NZ dory) and chips for only $15 each.  I love that this little suburban restaurant offers a quality dining experience without the exorbitant price tags. I’m looking forward to a return visit to sample more of the superb seafood on offer.


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