Beaufort St Merchant

2015-06-30 23.54.26

I’ve often driven past Beaufort St Merchant, gazing wistfully at the people perched outside sipping lattes and looking as chilled as a hipster at the opening of an envelope. This must be one cool place, I thought to myself. Better see what the attraction is.

2015-06-30 23.50.58

Meeting my friend Miss V for brunch was the perfect opportunity to check out hipsterville. I wouldn’t call either of us hip, but we didn’t feel out of place in this eatery that was already bustling with customers at 9.30 on a Tuesday morning. Couples, suits, gym goers and young mums all looked equally at home.

2015-06-30 23.53.24

The menu comprised fairly standard breakfast fare for the most part, with Miss V being sold on the hazelnut and honey granola option.

2015-06-30 23.49.21

Served with poached rhubarb, icecream and almond milk, Miss V liked the contrasting textures and flavours of her granola.

2015-06-30 23.48.20

My choice of the omelette with feta, roasted red capsicum and herbs was average, and I can safely say I’ve made better myself. I was expecting a fluffy concoction with generous dobs of feta, but the omelette was flat and tired and the Merchant was stingy with the feta. Toast = meh. I had been tossing up between the omelette and the ricotta pancake dumplings, and eggs won out. Sometimes you should just go with your first instinct. Ah well, you win some, you lose some.

2015-06-30 23.50.17

Our coffees were good and made from the house blend.

2015-06-30 23.44.48

The Merchant has a range of cakes, muffins and pastries that look appealing, and I took home a custard pastry to son AB who gave it a thumbs up. Anything sweet is usually a winner with AB.

2015-06-30 23.51.51

2015-06-30 23.52.47

I loved the vibe at the Beaufort St Merchant, and I can see why the place is always humming. It’s a place to be seen for sure, sitting front of shop on a sunny day and solving global problems with a few friends. On this busy little strip on the Highgate/Mt Lawley border this is the “IT” place.  I’m sure to return for coffee and cake, or maybe for a glass of vino in the evening.  I’d look pretty hip, lounging out front, sipping on my glass of red, right?

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