Tarts Cafe

2015-05-15 14.09.40

The name Tarts may be short and sharp, but the cafe itself is quite the opposite. From breakfast fare to lunches, to special degustation nights with jazz singers, this little haven in Northbridge is nothing if not versatile. They even have jewellery, scarves, homewares and food for sale, a boardroom you can use for small group meetings, and a rustic courtyard out the back where a French speaking group meet most Saturdays.

2015-05-15 14.12.28

I met Egg there one weekday morning for brunch, along with another agent pal, Stefano. Coffees and a mocha ordered immediately, because it was already 9.30 dammit, and we hadn’t had our caffeine hit. Coffees hit the spot but mea culpa, I forgot to ask about the beans. Another senior moment – what can I say – you’ll just have to excuse these minor slip ups occasionally 🙂

2015-04-28 17.06.57

Egg reverted to the Christos at $15.90 – a variation on her standby avocado dish  – but this one did also have salmon, sundried tomatoes and grilled asparagus. Egg loves having salad and greenery in her meal, and she enjoyed the Tarts’ version with ciabatta toast.

2015-04-28 17.06.05

Scrambled eggs with ciabatta toast ($10.90) was Stefano’s choice, and with a side of healthy rocket, he was one happy man.

2015-05-15 14.11.00

I continued with my recent pancake mania and ordered the stack of Pancakes at $17.90 with maple syrup, slivered almonds, mixed berry compote and a dob of cream. My fruity, sweet pancakes were a delicious indulgence, but as is often the case, I ended up eating around the syrupy edges, leaving an arid ring of pancakes in the middle with no syrup or compote left.

2015-04-28 17.05.07

I’ve eaten lunches and brunches and cakes and tarts at Tarts, and always enjoyed the surroundings in this welcoming cafe. Their range of cakes and muffins always looks delectable.

2015-05-15 14.08.25

2015-05-15 14.06.53

Situated towards the north end of Lake Street, there is usually free street parking available, and I’ve never had to wait for a table. Might be a bit different on a rainy day though, when folks can’t use the rear courtyard. It’s a fab little spot, far removed from the busy central Northbridge area. In case you needed further incentive to visit, Tarts has a voucher in the Entertainment Book.


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