Hoang Kim Vietnamese Cafe Restaurant

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My former sis-in-law and good buddy Gail, caught up with me in her stomping ground of Guildford, home these days to a plethora of good eateries. I have fond memories of hanging out in my misspent youth at Guildford’s only food joint, Alfred’s Kitchen, rubbing cold, wintry hands together over a drum fire as we ordered burgers and drank Ben Ean Moselle. Thankfully, both Guildford and times have changed.

2015-05-21 17.25.35

Hoang Kim operates out of Tindale House, one of those beautiful Guildford historic homes, so there’s expansive rooms, a massive garden out the back and a courtyard in front for the summer months. There were two hardy souls dining outside the night we were there, though I can’t imagine why on a 12 degree night.

This suburban Vietnamese restaurant is a family-run enterprise, and is obviously popular with the local brigade who filled up those big rooms quick smart on a cold Wednesday evening. With a menu featuring all the usual suspects, it didn’t take us long to choose our dishes. Foregoing the entrees, we went straight for the warming main dishes. First up, mildly spiced fish fried with a crunchy slaw and sweet chilli sauce on the side. We enjoyed this pleasant, mildly flavoured barramundi dish.

2015-05-21 17.22.22

Our prawn omelette was cooked Chinese style with sauce, as we requested. Yeah, I know it’s a Vietnamese restaurant, but how cool is it when the chefs are prepared to do whatever it takes to make their customers happy?
Our omelette was lush and loaded with prawns, and the oyster sauce with it went down a treat.

2015-05-21 17.23.22

Last but not least we enjoyed the chicken curry with potatoes and carrots in a creamy coconut sauce. This traditional Vietnamese curry was perfect with our bottle of Swan Valley dry white.

2015-05-21 17.23.58

The service at Hoang Kim was pleasant, and our meal arrived within 20 minutes of ordering. At $65 for our three dishes with sizeable doggie bags to take home, this is a value-for-money establishment in the heart of historic Guildford. With ample street parking, family friendly atmosphere and winter-warming Vietnamese food, this suburban restaurant is definitely on my keeper list.

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