2015-04-25 15.16.56

Ever since I’d checked out the Azure breakfast menu online I was hankering for their Creme brûlée French toast, so late on a Saturday morning a few weeks ago AB and I hustled down there just in time to order breakfast.

Imagine my dismay when the waitress handed me a menu that listed no French toast, no doughnuts, nothing of that ilk whatsoever.
“Why isn’t the French toast on here?”
“Well, no-one orders the sweet dishes; they only want the savoury things, so the chef decided to remove them from the menu”.

Aaaargh! You know that feeling when you’ve been hanging out for a certain food only to realise your craving is not going to be satisfied? Well, that was it. Nothing for it but to order typical breakfast fare, but begrudgingly so. I’ve eaten at Azure before and enjoyed their breakfast food, but when you’re feeling grumpy and put-out; well, it’s not a good start to a meal.

To be fair, the dishes AB and I had were good, so I shouldn’t complain ………too much.

2015-04-25 15.19.22

AB doesn’t often order scrambled eggs but he was tempted by the truffle-infused version. He enjoyed the eggs and the extras of sautéed mushrooms, rocket and grilled asparagus.

2015-04-25 15.17.57

2015-04-25 15.18.31

My smashed avocado with Persian feta, herbs and salmon rillette, was very good as it turns out. Served planked as things often are these days, it was a generous serving of avocado, and the salmon rillette was a delicious surprise. I did enjoy this dish.

Azure is one of the few places around town that doesn’t have queues out the door on the weekends, and I’m not sure why. The food is good, the atmosphere pleasant, and the service is friendly. I do think they need to retain at least one sweet item on the menu though, as their token mundane chocolate croissants on offer just don’t cut the mustard in that regard. Their website should be updated to reflect current menus, as those two very appealing  dishes of doughnuts and French toast are still listed as being available.

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