Estia Cafe Restaurant

2015-04-28 22.16.26

Scotty and I strolled along Beaufort St in Inglewood on a quiet Tuesday night, bottle of vino in hand from the excellent local De Vine wine store. We had no plan, and had decided we would settle for whatever appealed to us on the night. We reached Estia, and our search was over. We’ve been several times before and loved the food so we were confident we were in for a pleasant evening.

2015-04-28 18.26.02

Greek food is the name of the game at Estia, and its menu features dishes of calamari, octopus, roast lamb, moussaka and enormous mezze platters.

Scotty and I usually share an entree to ensure we have room for dessert. I may have mentioned before that dining with Scotty virtually guarantees we will order dessert unless we are absolutely stuffed. I love that. We weren’t ravenous on this night, so we settled for a light starter that would fill the gap before our mains arrived. The freshly baked bread rolls with herb oil were perfect. Light, warm from the oven and just the right amount.

2015-04-28 22.17.53

I’ve tried several dishes here but I find it hard to go past my favourite, Prawn Saganaki. It’s rare that Scotty and I order the same main, but on this night that was her choice too. This delicious tomatoey dish features prawns, vegetables, feta and haloumi, is baked in the oven and served with a generous side of pita bread. How can you not love a dish featuring feta AND haloumi? The pita breads are perfect for mopping up the tomato sauce, but there was far too much of it and neither of us managed more than a few pieces. The dish itself is filling; it’s chock full of prawns and comes out of the oven all bubbling and oozing with delicious cheesy haloumi, or saganaki as the Greeks call it.

2015-04-28 22.20.51

We were actually umming and aahing about whether dessert was called we. We were quite stuffed, but I did point out to Scotty that the Greek doughnuts – Loukoumathes – would be light and manageable. And she hadn’t tried them before so in the name of blogging, she out to, oughtn’t she?

Out they came, hot crispy doughnuts floating in a syrup of rosewater, honey and ouzo, and sprinkled with crushed pistachios. Oh my. I undid the top button of my skirt and managed to eat two before admitting defeat. Scotty managed a few more than that but sadly, couldn’t finish. This really is the perfect dessert for sharing and it’s utterly delicious.

2015-04-28 22.23.35

Estia is a family-run enterprise established five years ago, and one of those true suburban gems run with love and dedication. You’d be unlikely to get a table here on the weekends without a booking. The food is robust and the ingredients fresh. The staff are friendly and attentive, and helpful with suggestions if you can’t decide. Street parking is available and you can byo wine. Seriously, what’s not to love about this place?

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