Dodo’s BBQ

2015-04-25 08.12.36 Despite having lived in the Dianella area for years, there are still a few local food outlets that I haven’t tried, as I tend to stick with my tried and true takeaway places, like Tak’E Sushi. Last night however, AB and I decided to give Dodo’s a try. We thought we’d be fairly safe with its relatively high rating on Urbanspoon. It’s a massive menu at Dodo’s, and it took us a while to decide on our main dishes of satay chicken and combination omelette. This place has the sort of menu you would find at a Chinese restaurant, but it also features different types of noodle dishes, BBQ pork, and roast duck.

AB loves pork buns, but this version was dry and unappetising; probably pre-made bought elsewhere versions.

2015-04-25 08.09.03 We usually choose  steamed rice but we went the whole hog and ordered the special fried rice. Although it looks good in the photo, it was completely devoid of  flavour.

2015-04-25 08.08.18 The satay chicken was the best of a  lacklustre bunch. Plenty of chicken, but with sauce tasting like it was sourced from a bottle. None of that peanut/ coconut/ fresh spice flavour.

2015-04-25 08.11.17 The combination omelette was the worst omelette I have eaten anywhere. It didn’t come with any sauce which in itself is unusual, and so was missing the moistness needed when eating this with rice. Bland, dry and utterly flavourless.

2015-04-25 08.10.03 Run by an older husband and wife team, Dodo’s may fill a niche for Chinese food in this area, but sadly the food we ate was incredibly bland. We’re lucky in Perth to have an abundance of good takeaway food outlets, but this isn’t one of them.  AB and I wanted to like this place and maybe it all came down to the choices we made, but we won’t be returning to test that out.  Although at $44 the meal wasn’t expensive, it’s hardly value for money if you don’t enjoy your food.

Dodo's BBQ on Urbanspoon

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