Coode St Cafe

2015-04-17 18.17.41

I love the little cafes tucked away on suburban streets, far from the busy roads. More and more of these converted old houses are popping up in the inner burbs, with Coode St Cafe being one of the forerunners. On its corner block, this roomy cafe has plenty of tables inside and out, and I’ve never been here and not been able to get a table. Scotty and I decided to pay a sneaky visit to use a soon-to-expire Entertainment Book voucher.

The items in the display cabinet all look so scrumptious, that making a choice is difficult.  I could happily eat most of the frittatas, tarts and pies on display, and it’s a bonus that several are vegetarian options.

2015-04-17 18.27.08

In addition to the pre-made cabinet items, there are sandwiches and various salads on offer, as well as sweet treats to enjoy with a coffee.

2015-04-17 18.29.47

Scotty goes for the bacon and leek tart, a cheesy number that she heartily enjoys. Her only beef is that the tarts are microwaved, resulting in soggy pastry. Such a shame when crispy pastry is so damn good, and is easy to achieve with a microwave crisp plate.

BAcon and leek

My Mediterranean tart is filled with chunks of  artichoke, red capsicum and roasted eggplant, and is served with a side of citrusy Israeli couscous salad. Delicious.

Mediterranean veg tart015-04-17 18.22.51

We still have room for coffee and cake, but as the portions are huge we’re happy to share one. The nutty salted caramel tart, although lacking in the salt factor, is enjoyable but not the best we’ve had.

Salted caramel nut

Coode St Cafe is open seven days a week and has long been a Mt Lawley staple. I’ve visited many times over the years and have enjoyed many tasty meals with friendly service. There is always street parking available, and the atmosphere is great for just chilling, reading the newspapers, and sipping a Fiori bean coffee.

2015-04-17 18.21.41

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