Buffet Amici

2015-04-12 22.49.12

This suburban eatery tucked away in a corner of the Woodvale Shopping Centre was quiet at 9am on a Saturday when our group arrived for breakfast, but by 9.30 it was full to capacity. Buffets are obviously still popular, and I daresay the Groupon offer for Buffet Amici is attracting the crowds.

2015-04-12 22.50.23

I have to be honest and say that buffets are not my preferred way of dining. Too often there are trays of unappetising stomach fillers, with no delicate gourmet items in sight. How did Buffet Amici fare? Read on.

2015-04-12 22.40.37

The ubiquitous trays of cooked foods were laid out – bacon, sausages, scrambled and poached eggs, and mushrooms. There was also a tray of tempura vegetables that my friends loved. I didn’t try them but I did have two of the mini hash browns which were delightfully crisp little discs of potato goodness. I overhead one diner asking the chef if he could have fried eggs, and the chef was happy to oblige.

2015-04-12 22.39.09

The dish of roasted pumpkin, sweet potato and carrots, all sweet and caramelised, was my favourite savoury item.

2015-04-12 22.44.21

The filo cheese scrolls were soft, flaky and tasty, and fresh and hot from the oven.

2015-04-12 22.41.48

Although I adore cheese, the cheese board selection didn’t tempt me at all.

2015-04-12 22.42.56

The fruit platter featured kiwi fruit, melons, banana, orange, strawberries and shavings of fresh coconut.

2015-04-12 22.47.49

The blueberry pancakes were woefully dry and unappetising, and the companion chocolate sauce did nothing to improve them. These were baked in an oven tray, and were nothing like the fluffy pancakes cooked on a stove top.

2015-04-11 12.43.38

There was a selection of pastries, sweet and savoury muffins, croissants and breads for toasting.

2015-04-11 14.30.50

The chocolate danishes were baked fresh and I was lucky enough to get one of a fresh batch, straight from the oven. The pastry was light and the chocolate oozing and delicious.

2015-04-11 12.45.16

There were three fruit juices on offer, and an urn of boiling water for those wanting tea or instant coffee. I order a long macchiato and for the extra $3 it cost, it was fine.

There was also congee, traditional porridge with fruit, and various cereals on offer, but I never fill up on those if there are more interesting foods available.

Big eaters will appreciate the value for money that Buffet Amici provides. It’s not haute cuisine, but there were several items that were quite delicious. For the $13 it cost us to eat breakfast, there were no complaints. I wouldn’t have been thrilled if I’d paid the full price of $29, but it seems there are ongoing Groupon offers that cover their buffet breakfasts and set-menu dinners respectively.


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