Samson’s Paddock

2015-04-04 23.59.11

Mosman Park is a bit further afield from my usual area, but I’m always interested in discovering new venues and adding to my list of favourites. Samson’s Paddock on Glyde Street is a newish addition to the area and looks chilled and inviting with its red brick and wood interior, and back courtyard complete with an acoustic musical duo playing on the night we visited.

2015-04-05 00.08.01

Our group settled into one of the front rooms and ordered drinks from the wine menu. With only a limited range of wines by the glass, they regrettably ran out of the Adelaide Hills pinot rose within our first hour there. Not great planning for a Saturday night, with the only other rose option being a whopping $14 a glass. I really do think restaurants that also promote themselves as bars should provide more options for reasonably priced wine by the glass.

2015-04-05 00.07.16

We were offered the set menu of two courses for $50 but this provided a limited range of options and didn’t appeal to any of us. I wasn’t enamoured with the main course options so decided to go with two entrees. My first selection was the truffled arancini with feta, spinach and mushrooms and they proved a good choice – crispy, not oily, and with a flavourful punch of truffle and feta.

2015-04-05 00.05.42

The Prof and I swapped one of our entree pieces so I got to sample her coconut-crusted tiger prawns with lime and chilli aoli. This fairly standard offering was perfectly fine, but nothing outside of the box.

2015-04-05 00.04.28

Sadly my choice of the Vegetarian Moussaka for the main course was a major disappointment. I was expecting bubbling, cheesy layers of vegetables, but the offering of layered zucchini, eggplant and peppers topped with a slice of haloumi was far from that. The vegetables had stewed in their own liquid, and minus any cheesy tomato sauce, this dish languished in mediocrity. The slice of haloumi only hinted at the flavours that could have been. Undoubtably the blandest moussaka I have ever eaten.

2015-04-05 00.03.18

The Prof didn’t fare much better with her meal of Copocabana Quesadillas with chilli con carne. Overcooked was how she described it, and this is obvious from the pic below.

2015-04-05 00.01.09

Two others in our group ordered the fish-of-the-day special of pan fried salmon with mash and broccolini. The verdict on the salmon was that it was passable, but “nothing to write home about”.

2015-04-05 00.00.01

The last of our group chose a daily special of risotto with peas and camembert. She enjoyed this dish, pronouncing it creamy and flavourful. Finally; someone satisfied with their main course!

2015-04-05 00.02.14

It’s unfortunate that we didn’t have a wonderful food experience here, but that doesn’t detract from the other delightful elements of this restaurant and bar. Samson’s Paddock has several positive things going for it; wonderful ambience and settings, attentive and pleasant service, and the fact that it’s open every day. I can see myself sitting in the courtyard with a few friends on a balmy Perth afternoon, sipping drinks and nibbling on some shared plates of food. It’s the perfect venue really; if only they could fine-tune the food situation and lower the drink prices, Saturday night would likely be a full-house.

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