Bib’s Tuck Shop in Yanchep

2015-04-03 09.25.58

Far from being the sleepy seaside holiday town it once was, Yanchep is now a burgeoning outer suburb of Perth. Along the great northern corridor of Perth, vast lots of land are being divided and houses and neighbourhoods are being established. The services haven’t necessarily kept up with the growth, and that certainly is true of the stretch of land between Butler and Yanchep. Although this coastal stretch is the perfect spot for a few cafes with a sea view, there is sadly not much to speak of as far as choice eateries go.

Yanchep resident the Bionic Woman, one of my besties and so-named because of her numerous surgeries with several replacement parts, laments the dearth of places in and around her town, but happily has become a regular at Bib’s Tuck Shop, a breakfast and lunch cafe tucked away behind the Yanchep Beach Primary School.

2015-04-03 09.24.53

Bib’s has become something of an oasis for the Yanchep peeps. It serves excellent Di Bella coffee, quality toasted sandwiches and home-made muffins, and various other interesting and eclectic dishes. I’ve eaten here four times now and can confirm the BW’s assertion that it serves BGF (bloody good food). On the last occasion after the the BW’s recent release from hospital, I trekked up north to meet her for brunch. It was a brilliant day for a cruise in the car, and the meal at Bib’s made it worth the long drive.

The menu items are listed on a huge blackboard, and much as I was tempted by the idea of a pancake AND French toast in one dish, I was won over by the prospect of salmon with eggs and hollandaise sauce. This dish was enhanced by the use of fresh mint and parsley, thin slices of radish, and a serving of buttered baby spinach.

2015-04-03 09.21.45

The generous slices of freshly poached salmon were a welcome change from the usual smoked salmon served with eggs. Sitting atop slices of sourdough toast, this was a delicious and well put together meal. The zing of the fresh herbs was the perfect complement to the eggs and salmon.

2015-04-03 09.20.55

The Bionic Woman selected the corn fritter served with a capsicum yoghurt sauce, and rocket, tomato and red cabbage salad.

2015-04-03 09.18.37

The BW enjoyed her enormous hearty corn fritter with its refreshing yoghurt sauce.

2015-04-03 09.19.46

With full bellies and two coffees each later, we were well satisfied with our dining experience. The BW enjoyed her flat whites, and my usual long macchiatos were superb. The Di Bella coffee really is amazing.

2015-04-03 09.22.41

Run by a husband and wife team Ian and Sarah, Bib’s Tuck Shop has garnered a loyal following in Yanchep. The fresh muffins are no sooner out of the oven in the morning than they walk out the door. There are also daily bakes of cakes, biscuits or macarons. Dogs are welcome and water bowls are provided out front. Regulars on their morning walks pop in for their daily caffeine fix. The service is always super friendly and attentive. Be prepared for a bit of a wait for food during busy times, as chef Ian manages the cooking side of things on his lonesome, but hey y’all; it’s Yanchep, it’s a slower pace of life, and really, what’s your hurry?

Bib’s is something of an oasis in a town where the population has boomed but the dining options haven’t kept up.  Forget the greasy overpriced Chippy’s Beach Shack at Jindalee, and drive a further 15 minutes for a quality daytime dining experience.  You can make a day out of it with a walk along the beach afterwards, or a visit to Yanchep National Park.

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