The Moat

2015-03-09 00.17.42

En route to what would prove to be a wacky music evening at Ruby’s, Craig, Prince and I wandered around the CBD in search of dinner and wine. The Moat looked promising and we loved its location under the State Library. The place was half empty but that changed rapidly over the next half hour and we were shuffled around like pawns on a chess board. Four table changes later and feeling peeved that it took 15 minutes to get a glass of goddamn wine, we could finally relax at our table. Amazing that we stayed actually, but the food looked interesting and we weren’t in a hurry after all.

While there were several meaty menu options that the boys drooled over, there were few main meal selections for non-meat eaters. I’m not vegetarian, but there are times when I’d rather just eat vegetarian dishes; something most restaurants these days willingly accommodate. The Moat’s options of dahl and roti (yawn) and the unrelenting salads (ho bloody hum) did not ring my bell. Perhaps fine for shared plates but not for a main. With few other options pour moi, I chose the cheese board from the dessert list. Good quality cheeses with a smear of pear jam and a nibble of pistachios made this dish acceptable, but I would have preferred some slices of bread in addition to the crackers provided.

2015-03-09 00.18.46

The boys couldn’t go past the lamb and eggplant ragu with polenta. It looked scrummy and of course I had to taste test the creamy polenta. Yum. The boys were silent for a while as they satisfied their manly meat urges. A resounding double thumbs up for this dish.

2015-03-09 00.18.12

The wine selection by the glass featured wines from all over Australia, and I enjoyed both a pinot gris and a pinot noir from Tasmania. Weekdays from 5 to 6pm is Happy Hour with $10 cocktails and $5 glasses of wine. Bargain.
If The Moat staff could just sort their seating and reservations out, and not spend time chatting and forgetting their customers need a drink re-fill, this cute dungeon would be an almost perfect venue.

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