China Bar in Fitzroy

2015-03-08 00.10.24

After sampling a few bars along Brunswick St in Fitzroy,  we decided food was needed pretty quickly to soak up some of that hazy bar booze.  The menu at China Bar is broad Asian, without specialising in any one cuisine, the prices are super cheap and they serve a good collection of wine. Well really, as long as the food’s ok, what else matters? At the time none of us checked our faithful Urbanspoon online bible or we might have been dissuaded by the low score of this place, but in the end our dining experience was a positive one anyway.

I am a sucker for crispy skin chicken dishes, and this Hainanese one at $12.90 came with a bowl of broth, a huge bowl of  rice, chilli sauce and friend spring onions with ginger and garlic.  I added flavour to the rice by pouring in some of my broth a little at a time, and  voila! The chicken really was crispy and delicious and the accompaniments were perfect.

2015-03-08 00.12.39

Craig satisfied his noodle urge with an enormous $11.80 plate of fat yellow noodles with beef and vegetables.

2015-03-08 00.11.57

The teriyaki salmon with rice was Prince’s choice, and whilst he rated this dish as ok, he said the salmon was a tad overcooked and he would have liked more sauce for the rice to soak up. It was an enormous piece of fish though and for $13.80 he really wasn’t complaining.

2015-03-08 00.11.05

We lingered at China Bar for several hours over a few more lazy drinks. The service here was prompt, the food was excellent value, and its location in the heart of the busy Brunswick St precinct makes it easily accessible. This is a franchise chain with numerous branches in Victoria, and its low Urbanspoon rating really doesn’t match our experience.

China Bar on Urbanspoon

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