Suzie’s Prata House Morley

2015-02-22 12.15.15 Son AB and I were pondering our choices for an early lunch this morning, and thought we’d try a local cheap and cheerful for a change. We love rotis and curries, so Suzie’s Prata House which has long been on our list, seemed to fit the bill.

2015-02-22 12.13.09 This basic eatery is at the front of the Coventry Markets in Morley facing Walter Rd, and shares premises with a bubble tea shop. AB can’t resist bubble teas and bought a lychee tea which he proclaimed was sweet and delicious.

Suzie’s has a picture menu on the wall so you have an idea of what some of the dishes look like. The menu consists mainly of rotis, curries, biryani, noodles, and tofu dishes. AB wanted to try the mutton curry but as this was still cooking, he opted for the dry beef curry with an egg roti. AB declared his beef curry tender and delicious. The meat was soft and falling apart, a sure sign of tenderness. The dish also came with another curry dipping sauce for the roti. The extra sauce is great for dry curries, as you really want something yummy and saucy to soak up your roti. And the roti is massive.

2015-02-22 14.01.27 My egg roti was quite simply the best I have had. Ever. In Australia and anywhere in Asia. Steaming hot and alternately soft and crispy in different parts, it paired perfectly with the delicious mild chicken curry.  I couldn’t finish my roti or curry, so it was AB to the rescue again.  It’s a tough job, but he’s always up for the task.

2015-02-22 14.02.28 We had to wait 30 minutes for our meal but it was absolutely worth it. Other dishes being served looked and smelled equally good. I’m looking forward to sampling the chicken murtabak on my next visit. But the chicken biryani looks pretty darn good too.

Damn that roti prata is good. I’ve made hundreds of pratas in my time but none stack up to this flaky disc. I’d love to spend an hour in their kitchen and see just how they manage to make it so perfect. But then again, at these prices I’d be just as happy phoning through an order and buying them from the two dudes running the kitchen here.

This place has no air-con and the sun belts in during the day. The only cooling comes from a pedestal fan. If you can stand that for the short time you’re here, then give it a try. This is not a place where you’ll want to linger for several hours anyway. Eat and exit.

If you have nothing else here, order the roti prata. For $9 each our meal was a no-frills winner. 

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