Full of delightful nooks with Buddha statues, tropical plants and fountains, Chinta is a little haven on Scarborough Beach Road where you can enjoy a light meal or coffee and cake, and do a spot of shopping at the same time.

2015-02-10 23.41.49

There’s a cool selection of funky and unusual homewares, and I couldn’t resist buying a colourful decorative plate from Turkey. Fluoro skulls, lanterns, glasses, wall hangings and furniture adorn the shop part of Chinta. There’s also a corner for clothes, with kaftans, long dresses and jewellery  on sale.


On the cafe side of Chinta, sandwiches, bagels, salads and cakes are displayed in the cabinet.
2015-02-10 23.43.04

I chose the spicy tuna patty with salad for lunch, washed down with a latte. This simple dish with a small bowl of chilli sauce to accompany the patty, was a perfect light meal.

2015-02-11 00.01.16

The range of cakes and sweet things didn’t entice me much, but I guess their emphasis is more on breakfast and lunch. The service was friendly and efficient and there’s a range of fresh juices for $7.80 that sound inviting.

2015-02-11 00.04.18

The best spots in Chinta are in the garden, with plenty of cosy corners where you can nestle in and get comfy amongst the greenery.
2015-02-10 23.56.18

You can even enjoy a game of chess!

2015-02-10 23.51.43

Chinta won’t win awards for dining, but it is one of the most ambient casual venues I’ve dined in. The surroundings are tranquil and it’s the perfect spot to relax and unwind with a friend, or even just with a book.
2015-02-10 23.50.41

There were a few people inside holding meetings, and I overheard one lady telling another that this was where she brought all her clients. Must be something about Chinta that’s conducive to successful business dealings. It certainly beats your average coffee shop.
2015-02-10 23.53.58

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