Malt Supper Club

2015-02-19 23.24.11

Situated on the uber trendy Beaufort St, Malt Supper Club was an unexpected delight. I say unexpected as I’d read only negative reviews about it, so wasn’t prepared for much. As the host venue for a Fringe event, it was up to the task.

It was a mature crowd on a Thursday night with Malt’s friendly PR lady Angela, greeting people as they entered and happy to have a chat about the club and its raison d’être. Malt welcomes a mature crowd; in fact its market is the over 25s. What about the over 40s Angela? Hell yeah!

2015-02-19 23.25.35

There are various rooms in the club where you can have your own private party, and an upstairs section that wasn’t open the night we went. The back (main) room where the band performs was set up with comfy stools around candle-lit small tables, with larger groups in the booths. The room was jam packed as the crowd eagerly awaited for the arrival of the five piece band fronted by the vivacious Cathrine Summers.

2015-02-20 08.41.00

It’s happy hour all night on Thursdays with $10 classic cocktails, so we gladly indulged in mojitos, kir royals and margaritas. The menu is tapas and pizza, with plates of sliders and arancini being the popular choice of the night. These plates just kept on coming out all night long. The Prof and I went for the $25 tasting plate with arancini, green olives, chorizo, haloumi spring rolls, southern fried chicken wings, calamari and crostini. The arancini, chorizo and chicken wings were tasty, but the 2 meagre calamari pieces were rubbery and the crostini – toast drizzled with balsamic – well, it was just a plate filler. Overall, the plate wasn’t bad. Not haute cuisine but we weren’t there for the food. I don’t have a photo of the food – we were seated up front near the band and I didn’t want to be snapping food pics with a flash while the band was performing.

The wait staff were friendly and efficient, from the affable Frenchman Julian on the main bar, to the guys and gals waiting on the tables in the main room.

The band with their jazzy and bluesy numbers, was simply brilliant. Cathrine Summers, a vivacious, funny, talented chanteuse, was the darling of the evening though. A regular performer at Malt with her (other) soul band, she had the crowd singing along and cheering for more.

2015-02-20 08.35.55

Malt Supper Club has live music on Fridays and Saturdays for lovers of soul and R and B, and judging by the queues outside I’ve seen on the weekends, it’s a happening place. The Prof and I had an amazing evening in a great setting. I don’t know how Malt would stack up for the over 40s on a weekend when it’s packed to the gills, but I think Thursdays are looking good for a few happy hour drinks and $7 tapas plates. If Malt holds other special live music events, then I’m eager to try them. Malt has the perfect jazz setting, and considering the Ellington Jazz Club dominates the jazz scene, I’d love to see Perth nurture a few other venues of this ilk.

If whisky makes you happy Malt will impress with its wide range, and I guess that explains the name of the club. You can buy wine by the glass and there’s a good range of other spirits available too.

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