Red Man Cucina

2015-02-13 16.07.05

Lucky me. Red Man Cucina is a few minutes drive from my house which means I can pop in for one of their amazing coffees whenever I feel the urge for a caffeine hit. Red Man uses Di Bella coffee roasted in Queensland, and it is REALLY GOOD.

2015-02-11 00.14.37

2015-02-11 00.16.00
This casual neighbourhood eatery has a small indoor dining area for when the heat is overwhelming; otherwise you can sit on the terrace outside under the umbrellas and enjoy your ciabatta roll whilst sipping on an amazingly good macchiato. The indoor area holds a collection of Red Man’s vintage memorabilia, gadgets and machines, and is worth a look for the novelty factor.

The menu here is simple: there are breakfast rolls featuring eggs, bacon and cheese in different proportions and add-ons, and lunch rolls with generous meaty fillings. All are made with delicious crusty ciabatta rolls, and there are also amazing salads for $10. A substantial chicken or greek salad for $10? It’s unheard of in Perth! Bring it on I say. I have an unpleasant memory of lunching with a friend in South Fremantle just after Xmas, and paying $28 for a plate of salad greens topped with a few slivers of chicken breast. That was outrageous; this is reasonable and generous, and for that alone we should be supportive of this suburban gem.

2015-02-11 00.15.22

This was my son’s breakfast roll of egg, bacon and cheese, with a smattering of rocket. He’s previously had the double version which is just what it says – double quantities of everything – and it was massive.

Red Man is all about the coffee and not so much cold beverages, so if you fancy a freshly-squeezed juice with your brekky, you’ll just have to do without.

2015-02-13 15.37.59

My latte ( both the lattes and macchiatos are fab here) was superb as usual and I chose a slice of the chocolate, chilli and beetroot bread to accompany it.

2015-02-11 16.37.09

Wow! The photo doesn’t do this bread justice – served toasted and dusted with icing sugar, this was insanely delicious and chocolately. The chilli was so subtle that you could just feel the kick, and the beetroot was the devilishly moist backdrop. Hubba hubba. I’ve tried all of the breads here and the pumpkin and blueberry was my previous favourite, but this one really has the “wow” factor.

Red Man also makes fresh muffins daily (haven’t tried these yet), and salted caramel brownies (yum!), so why wouldn’t you want to take one of these home for afternoon tea?

There are other daily specials of pasta and pies depending on the season. The sweet toasted breads are $4 a slice, and the hot rolls range from $6 to $9 each.  This little place, open six days a week for breakfast and lunch, is a real find. It’s great to see the number of customers steadily increasing as word gets out about this local wonder.

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