Gusto Food

2015-02-12 22.47.38

As youngest son AB now lives in Kensington, it opens up a world of opportunity to try food south of the Swan River. As my foodie wish list grows longer by the day, I have to recruit volunteers to help me sample those a bit further afield. Well, most places aren’t that far afield really; I’ve just been spoiled living a few minutes away from Inglewood and Mt Lawley. South Perth is only 20 minutes drive via the freeway, but you do tend to get a bit comfy with places close to home.

AB suggested Gusto on Angelo St, a real foodie hub, and I was quick to agree. We’d just missed the breakfast menu close off, but were excited by the lunch menu which though small, looked interesting. Sorry, I realised I chopped off the prices in this photo, but most were around the $20 mark with a few in the mid $20s.

2015-02-12 22.46.43

The pulled pork ciabatta sandwich was a no-brainer for AB. Chock full of tender slow-cooked pork topped with lashings of home-made onion jam and thin slices of cucumber and beetroot, he was salivating at the mere prospect. It didn’t disappoint. With a bucket of thin fries on the side, this is a dish for a man, and AB gave it his best shot.

2015-02-12 22.51.40

Haloumi makes me happy, so it was an easy choice. Dotted with black olives, the haloumi arrived in a what looked like a raclette dish. If you’ve been to Switzerland you’re likely familiar with the ubiquitous Swiss dish of melted cheese that is grilled in a raclette maker and accompanied by various veggies, pickles and meats. I love it so much that I bought a raclette maker in Switzerland last year and lugged it home in my suitcase. It’s a fun and easy way to host a dinner party – just google it and you’ll see what I mean. Needless to say I was excited seeing the haloumi grilled this way, and it didn’t disappoint. Salty, squishy, squeaky and oozy, it was just heavenly. OK, it was also super rich but this is why it pairs so well with the salad of pear, baby spinach, roast pumpkin, tomato and walnuts with a raspberry vinaigrette.2015-02-13 19.42.42

Just for good measure, here’s a close-up of the haloumi in its snug raclette dish. It’s quality Sth Australian La Casa haloumi.

2015-02-13 19.43.37

All of the dishes coming out of the kitchen looked impressive. The cake counter offered what looked like a good selection of cookies and cakes, and a large dish of home-made Greek doughnuts gradually dwindled while we were there. I guess that speaks for itself. Sadly, we were too full for dessert.

2015-02-12 22.45.55

Gusto prices aren’t cheap, but that basically summarises dining out in Perth these days. The small menu offers an eclectic range of dishes where the emphasis is on quality. The staff were efficient and friendly, and the wait time for food was about 10 minutes. Can’t fault anything really.

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