The Wang’s Treasure House

2015-01-11 18.03.47

“What do you want to do for your birthday?” I asked oldest son, SB. His response was that dim sum would be the perfect family meal as everyone loves dim sum.  Fab idea!  I’ve been back in Perth for 2 years and have only had dim sum once all in that time. Time to change that.

We have 2 options for dim sum close to home now; there’s Wang’s Treasure House and Silver Seas, both in Morley. Wang’s is his choice, so off we set on Sunday morning at 10.30, only to be greeted by the ubiquitous long queue. Our group of 10 had to wait about 20 mins for a table, and when we were eventually led inside, I was surprised by the size of this place. It was all hustle and bustle! Noisy, carts here and there, and the food started coming at us from the minute we sat down.

2015-01-11 18.02.31

I was a bit overwhelmed by the speed at which the plates of food were offered. Steamed this, fried that, pastries, flour rolls, mounds of something which appeared to be pork – or could it be chicken?  Plus I was trying to take photos of the food amid the protests of everyone. They weren’t going to wait patiently while I took happy snaps; hence I missed out on some photo ops. My three sons say I’ve become one of these annoying people who is ALWAYS photographing food. Well, that’s true. But it is for a good cause….a blog is a good cause.

2015-01-11 18.07.39
Prawn & chive dumplings – at least I recognised these!

I wanted to avoid unwittingly eating pork, but it was hellishly confusing as my sons took plates of this, that and the other, without really being sure of what was in those little morsels. Made no difference to them; they eat everything!

2015-01-11 18.06.47
Roast pork – a hit with the boys but not me

There was so much food coming at us from all directions, it was all a bit overwhelming. We ended up with a lazy Susan full of plates within 5 minutes of being seated. So you tend to eat quickly while it’s still warm, and before you know it your tummy fills pretty rapidly.

2015-01-11 18.12.20
Fried radish – delicious

The plate of fried radish with bean sprouts was delicious, but unfortunately I was almost full by the time it appeared and only managed a mouthful.

2015-01-11 18.05.19
I can’t remember what these were, but they appeared to have pork in them

Trying to get anything other than the food on the trolleys was a trial. It took 30 minutes before we got our pot of green tea and bottles of water. It really shouldn’t be that hard to serve basic drinks. It was the same deal with the little saucers of soy sauce – only one of these to our table of 10, and despite our repeated pleas, that was all we got.

2015-01-11 18.10.30
Chicken pies

The chicken pies were my favourite. The pastry was slightly sweet and flaky, and the filling was generous and tasty.

2015-01-11 18.09.03
Fried squid tentacles
2015-01-11 18.17.55
I think these were chicken and prawn buns

These buns were very doughy, with a small ratio of chicken. Not my favourite.

2015-01-11 18.16.19
Fried prawn wontons

The prawn dishes were no problem – these are easily recognisable, so that is what I focused on. The prawn and chive dumplings were deliciously plump with prawns. Fried prawn wontons with mayo were the usual run-of-the-mill and a bit ho-hum, as I find they often are.

2015-01-11 18.14.56
Runny egg buns

My sons loved the runny egg buns which were literally dripping with runny egg yolks. Eeeww and no thank you from me.

2015-01-11 18.13.59
Egg tarts of course!

Overall we enjoyed the food, but I’ve had much better in various places. Getting drinks on the table shouldn’t be so hard either, but Wangs is so busy that they simply focus on getting the food out. You could die of thirst waiting for your water to arrive. When we left about 90 minutes later, there were still people waiting outside for tables. The cost was $25 per person which was reasonable for the amount of food we had.

Dim sum is a fun way for a family to eat, but I really prefer to eat at a more leisurely pace, and obviously to know what is inside the dumplings. One of the wait staff wheeling the trollies around couldn’t speak a word of English so this made it impossible to know what was what.

This place is probably the busiest dim sum place I’ve been to, and it was impossible to relax and enjoy your food. For that reason, I doubt I’ll be back. Silver Seas across the road looks like a better option for our next family outing.

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