Bravo’s in East Victoria Park

2015-01-03 21.20.53

I’ve visited Bravo’s for dinner and enjoyed the experience, so arranged to meet my friend Miss V there on the weekend to try their breakfast. I love the bright yellow chairs and the open, welcoming look to this place. The decor is fresh and cheerful, and you can sit at tables outside or in. Some of the breakfast places these days are tiny and atmospheric, so it’s a nice change to dine at a place where people aren’t squeezed in together and where you can’t hear the conversations of the other tables around you.

2015-01-03 21.26.47

I was impressed by the 4 types of waffles on the menu but as 2 included bacon, they were immediately disregarded. I opted for the Tasmanian – a waffle with smoked salmon, rocket, avocado, capers, red onion and mascarpone. I was tempted by the Banana Pancakes and the Food from the Pharaohs with its falafel fritter, salsa yoghurt and fried eggs, but as I rarely get to eat waffles, this seemed the obvious choice.

2015-01-03 21.17.57

The waffles were cooked perfectly and there was a generous serving of smoked salmon. The dish arrived without avocado or red onion, though i didn’t realise this till after I had eaten and asked for the menu again to check out the drinks. There was a smallish mound of mascarpone in one corner of the waffle, and I had to spread this around to give a thin cover to the waffle. Overall the dish needed something soft and moist to lift the dryness of it. Maybe some creme fraiche or soft cream cheese. The small amount of mascarpone wasn’t enough to do that, and waffles by their very nature beg for some syrup or sauce to fill all those squares. Perhaps the avocado would have done the job, but I’ll never know as that wasn’t included on my dish. I left the top waffle as there was nothing to eat with it.

Miss V chose the Banana Pancakes with coconut and salted caramel sauce. A massive stack of 3 pancakes arrived and looked pretty impressive.

2015-01-03 21.14.22

As is often the case with pancake stacks, the amount of sauce provided wasn’t near enough for the amount of pancakes. Miss V managed to eat one and a half, but the remainder sat looking dry and forlorn on her plate. It’s usually the top pancake that’s the best, the middle one languishes in no-man’s land, and the bottom one manages to soak up a little sauce from the bottom of the plate. Her verdict: it was OK, but the pancakes were very dry. The sauce wasn’t anything special either.

We had 2 coffees each during the time we were there. The coffees were not hot enough – surely I am not the only person in Perth who expects a hot cup of coffee? They have a small selection of T2 teas for tea lovers, but I prefer coffee in the morning. We were hoping for freshly squeezed juices but sadly, they weren’t on the menu.

I have dined at Bravo’s in the evening and really enjoyed the food and cocktails, so it was disappointing to find that breakfast wasn’t of the same standard. On the plus side however, the staff were uniformly pleasant and attentive, parking is readily available, and the restaurant itself is bright and has a welcoming feel to it.

Bravo’s has cocktail happy hours, and other random discounts and specials on food. To get updates about these, join their VIP club online and bag a free meal on your birthday.

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