Threecoins Italian Trattoria

It feels like you’ve stepped into a trattoria in Italy on entering Threecoins. The smells, the check tablecloths, the menu, the pleasing sound of the Italian language; they all add up to what proves to be a delightful experience. Run by a family from Umbria, it is obvious that this little eatery operates with a hearty dose of love and enthusiasm.

I’ve dined here three times and persuaded my friend Scotty, another avowed foodie, to try it with me. We decided to share a light entree which would leave plenty of room for a main and a dessert. What I love about dining out with Scotty is that she’s always up for dessert. Don’t you just hate dining out with peeps who don’t share your enthusiasm for dessert? It’s so much better when a friend is prepared to share a sweet indulgence with you.

The beetroot carpaccio with smoked salmon, whipped goats cheese, toasted walnuts and drizzled with a quality olive oil, was a sensational start to the meal. Refreshing and light, it was beautifully presented and all the elements worked together.
2015-02-15 23.02.04

The fresh pasta dishes all sound amazing and they change with the seasons. There are also daily specials listed on the blackboard. Scotty opted for the pumpkin and taleggio ravioli in a butter, sage and parmesan sauce, drizzled with white truffle oil. She’s not a lover of fungi of any description and was a bit concerned that the truffle oil may overpower the dish, but it was a subtle flavour that enhanced the dish. I’ve ordered this dish here previously, so was fairly sure that she was going to enjoy it. And enjoy it she did.

2015-02-15 22.58.39

I was torn between the duck leg confit ravioli and the gnocchi with lobster bisque and crab and prawns.  I chose the gnocchi and was happy with my choice.  Bisque is a misnomer really; it was a rich, flavourful sauce surrounding soft pillows of gnocchi and chunks of seafood. Scotty gave it a massive thumbs up too.

2015-02-15 22.59.54

The desserts comprised several main choices and all were very tempting. I really really really wanted the orange semi freddo but they had sold out earlier. Damn. Obviously a popular choice on the summer menu. Scotty and I both settled on the raspberry bavarese. We both adore raspberries so this was the next obvious choice. It was silky smooth and creamy, with the richness of the bavarese offset by the slightly acidic fresh blueberries and the raspberry sauce topping. Yum…. 
2015-02-15 23.04.35

I’m including a photo here of the tiramisu I enjoyed on my last visit. It’s made with Baileys and is delicious but a tad overwhelming – it’s not often I leave half of mine but I was beaten by this monster in a jar.

Leave plenty of room for the tiramisu
Leave plenty of room for the tiramisu

 The wait staff were busy, but attentive and cheerful. Overall, this was a really pleasant experience. The food, the ambience, the staff – all the elements are there. I think this is going to be my regular go-to Italian eatery. You can BYO wine or choose from the Australian or Italian wines on offer at reasonable prices. Aperitifs, spirits, beers and cocktails are also available. At $50 a person (including $3 corkage per person),  this dining experience was well worth it. Buonissimo!

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